Roller Disco Massacre presents THE NIGHT SITTER, a gleefully gory horror comedy with a unforgettable psychedelic giallo style! A petty thief looking for a score (Elyse DuFour, AMC’s The Walking Dead) poses as innocent babysitter “Amber” and books a dream job at the mansion of Ted Hooper, an aspiring Paranormal Investigator with a reclusive son named Kevin and a mysterious office that is strictly off-limits. Soon “Amber”’s partners-in-crime arrive to clean out the house, leaving Kevin to sneak into his father’s office...and learn first-hand just why it’s off-limits!

It seems Ted Hooper’s unusual collection of paranormal artifacts contains a book printed in the ashes of The Three Mothers, who were tortured and executed in during the famed Salem Witch Trials. Their tormented souls have rested in the book for hundreds of years, just waiting for the right curious child to usher them back into the land of the living...but they didn’t count on “Amber” being there to protect him.

Set inside a labyrinthine home and soaked in a vivid color palette, THE NIGHT SITTER offers HOME ALONE by way of SUSPIRIA, as a trio of witches with a taste for children’s blood and a twisted sense of mischief terrorize the unsuspecting thieves while saving Kevin for last! What follows is a limb-snapping, throat-slashing, blood-drenched journey into madness with an ensemble of hilarious characters along for the ride!


We are a group of independent horror filmmakers who strive to shock and entertain our audiences while capturing the gleeful, gory thrills that we got from our favorite genre films growing up. The horror community deserves true passion and commitment, and our team is here to stay. We take your favorite horror conventions, amp up the gore and grime, mix well with bright lights and vibrant colors, add a pinch of flair on the soundtrack, and when we're done we've got a... ROLLER DISCO MASSACRE